Certainly one of the simplest ways to steer clear of having credit card debt is to usually carry cash. That is right. Good old fashioned green backs. Don’t kid yourself. Cash is really king. Credit card companies might try to make it seem like cash but isn’t the finest way to go. They’re wrong. It truly is the most accepted form on our planet. Heck, what does the tooth fairy pay in? Checks? Nope, cash.

The good thing about cash is that whenever you are just spending it you find out specifically how much you have put in mainly because you either have some left when you are done, or you do not.  I know personally that it feels good to take out some money and spend it. I also know that when you expend cash you see it going out of your hand. You have less to show for it when you are accomplished. All credit card receipts seem pretty much the same whether or not you’re spending $40 or $4000 dollars. When you had a chuck of $4000 dollars next to $40 you would find out the difference. Cash remains to be king.

A different great tip to stay away from credit card debt is to write down everything that you spend money on. This is a fantastic way to find out what is going out. The old saying from the business great Peter Drucker states, “What get’s measured, gets managed.”  Just like if you were stepping on scale every day you will be less likely to eat as much if you were trying to shed pounds, it is the same principle. If you write down what you are shelling out daily, you will easily have a much tighter grasp on your money and steer clear of credit card debt, or spending in most cases.

Last but not least the most basic however, most likely the toughest thing to do is to leave your credit cards at home. Sure, never take them with you or have them in your wallet. Sounds very simple enough, however you will be astonished at just how difficult this may be.  The lack access to them eliminates the ability to spend on them.

Alternatively, this is part of the reason credit card debt has become such a dilemma. Credit cards are too painless to get your hands on and begin spending. They come in the mail and are definitely not money. They are likewise super simple to activate. All you need to do is call the 800 number on the back of them.  The automated system will sign you up more rapidly than anything I have ever seen. Keep your credit cards at home and you will not go spending on them. Heck, cease looking at them when they come in the mail as well!

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