If you have been seeking an opportunity to grow your wealth, then there is probably no better way to achieve this than to buy income properties. Being a landlord and renting out properties has forever been an established method for even the everyday man to receive an additional avenue of money and to grow your finances. But, there are a few typical beginner mistakes that you must be aware of before you take on this strategy. Following are a number of the most significant things you have to be thinking about when choosing to acquire your initial income-producing building.


The first key to learn how to be a successful property owner is that you need a positive cash flow. Basically, the rent that comes in to you each month should exceed the money that you must pay every month. The money you must pay are things like: municipal taxes, insurance premiums, repair costs, and your mortgage payment. If you purchase Wasaga Beach real estate as a cottage income property you should factor in insurance as well to protect you from liability. If those costs are greater than the rent that is collected from the renter, then you have a liability – not an income property.


There is a slogan from purchasers that you don’t make a profit when you sell your home, you earn money when you purchase it. It is crucial to buy real estate at a value that is appropriate, or you have misplayed the game before it has even begun. Property is so rare and popular in New York City, that the prices are frequently sixty percent above their intrinsic value. This boils down to the fact that you would have to charge 60% more rent than other property owners are getting to receive a positive cash flow – and it’s difficult to find tenants that way. Because of this do not hesitate to hunt in less prominent places such as the Etobicoke real estate market where rental rates are high compared to the purchase prices.


One thing that many prospective landlords do not take into account is the expense of maintaining things. Houses need continual maintenance in order to hold their worth. Eventually, windows break, carpets get worn out, and roofs begin to leak.  It’s possible to minimize some costs by keeping buildings for shorter periods of time. For a landlord of a property for 25 years, it is virtually guaranteed that the roof will need to be fixed at some time. A lot of landlords avoid this by owning homes for 5 years at a time and selling them before serious problems arise.


When working out your cash flow, it is important to take into account the periods of time when your property may not have any occupants. If you fail to plan ahead for this, then your cash flow can take a big hit. Take into account local dynamics since if you are hunting for Brampton properties for sale before you buy check out the average vacancy rates for similar rental buildings. Prior buying any rental property, you should calculate a vacancy rate of about 5-10%. You must also get ready for these periods ahead of time so that you can still be able to afford the mortgage payments.


Income properties can be a very lucrative for those who wish to be financially free. The best part is that following your first success, you can purchase another and then a third property.